Answers to
frequently asked questions

Where can I find job openings at Minascent?

Click through the vacancies on our job board. All positions advertised there are open.

How do I apply?

At the end of each job posting, an "Apply" button will take you to our application form. There, you enter your relevant personal information and upload your documents. This takes just 5-10 minutes, no more.

Which documents are useful and necessary for my application?

To give us a good idea of your qualifications, please provide us with the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Relevant certificates: graduation certificate, employer's reference, internship reference

A cover letter is not mandatory but helps us evaluate your qualifications for the relevant position.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

You can apply to us multiple times - even for positions in different areas. Should you be rejected, you are welcome to apply again for an alternative position.

How long does the application process take?

It may take some time for us to carefully review your application. Typically, you will receive feedback on how to proceed within a few weeks.

What training opportunities are there at Minascent?

We offer several apprenticeship positions annually as chemical technicians (m/f/d). Upon successful completion of the program, there is usually an opportunity for employment with our company. Depending on our current needs, we also offer apprenticeships as chemical laboratory technicians (m/f/d), electricians (m/f/d), mechatronics engineers (m/f/d), industrial mechanics (m/f/d) or in the commercial field. Check out our job board to see the available apprenticeships.

In which areas can I do an internship, complete a thesis or work as a student trainee at Minascent?

Basically, you can do internships, working student jobs or a thesis in almost all of our departments. Feel free to send us your unsolicited application along with relevant documents through the application form. We'll take a look and see where we can place you.

Do you have questions?

Your contact person:

Lisa Roos
Human Ressource Manager
T: 03461 43 4255