Production of fine chemicals

Our products

Minascent covers all areas of contract manufacturing for fine and specialty chemicals. From preparing standard formulations and custom developments to the ongoing support of our customers throughout the production process. We are constantly researching innovative solutions for the future and expanding into new markets.

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Minascent offers the protecting group Di-tert.butyl dicarbonate as pure Di-Boc, as a tailor-made Di-Boc solution, and as a Di-Boc derivative.

  • Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate (CAS No.: 24424-99-5)
  • N-Boc-4-piperidone (CAS No.: 79099-07-3)
  • N-Boc-piperazine (CAS No.: 57260-71-6)
  • N-Boc-pyroglutamic acid ethyl ester (CAS No.: 144978-12-1)
  • Tert-butyl carbazate (CAS No.: 870-46-2)
  • Customized solutions on request…
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Sulfur Chemistry

Our expertise in sulfur chemistry includes typical reactions such as Michael additions and nucleophilic and electrophilic substitutions on aromatic molecules. Our standard products include thiopivalic acid, alkyl and benzyl sulfides, thiols, and mercapto-triazine.

  • Benzyl methyl sulfide (CAS No.: 766-92-7).
  • 6-(Dibutylamino)-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-dithiol (CAS-Nr.: 29529-99-5)
  • Tert-butyl methyl sulfone (CAS No.: 14094-12-3)
  • Thiopivalic acid (CAS No.: 55561-02-9)
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Selenium Chemistry

Minascent has extensive experience using selenium (solid), organometallic selenium salts such as MeSeLi, and selenium dioxide as oxidizing agents.

  • 3,4-(Methylenedioxy)phenol (CAS No.: 533-31-3)
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Hydrazine Chemistry

We conduct reactions with hydrazine and offer derivatives such as alkyl and aryl-hydrazines, hydrazides and pyrazoles.

  • Benzylhydrazines dihydrochloride (CAS No.: 20570-96-1)
  • Formylhydrazines (CAS No.: 624-84-0)
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Acyl Chlorides

Minascent produces a range of specialty acids.

  • 3-Cyclopentylpropionyl chloride (CAS No.: 104-97-2)
  • Cyclopropanecarbonyl chloride (CAS No.: 4023-34-1)
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Other specialty chemicals

Minascent has a broad product portfolio of specialty chemicals.

  • 2,5-dimethylpyrrole (CAS No.: 625-84-3)
  • 4-(Dimethylamino)-3-methyl-2-butanone (CAS No.: 22104-62-7)
  • 4-n-hexylresorcinol (CAS No.: 136-77-6)
  • 4-tert-butylanisole (CAS No.: 5396-38-3)
  • Cyclobutanecarboxylic acid (CAS No.: 3721-95-7)
  • 1,1-cyclobutanedicarboxylic acid (CAS No.: 5445-51-2)
  • 1,1-cyclobutanedicarboxylic acid diethyl ester (CAS No.: 3779-29-1)
  • N,N‘-Diethyl-1,3-bis(acrylamido)-propane (CAS.-No.: 442200-41-1)

Do you have special requirements?

As your specialty chemicals expert, we look forward to providing you with a customized solution! Let’s discuss your specific needs in person.