Mixing of chemicals

Our equipment

Highly reactive chemistry, such as exothermic processes, oxidation, and hydrogenation are routine tasks for Minascent. We work with various hazardous reagents and safely employ toxic and corrosive chemicals and gases, including air- and moisture-sensitive materials.

Reactions and Reagents

  • Organometallic chemistry using various metals
  • Methylation with dimethyl sulfate
  • Oxidations with hydrogen peroxide
  • Reductions with hydrides, hydrogen gas or hydrazine
  • Chlorinations with thionyl chloride
  • Nitrations
  • Pressure reactions up to 25 bar with various gases
  • Protecting chemistry with DiBoc etc.
  • Handling of sulfur raw materials: dimethyl sulfate, various thiols and sulfides, thiourea, sulfonyl chlorides
  • Off-gas treatment of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur derivatives


  • Distillation laboratory
  • Pilot plant with several stainless steel and glass-lined reactors between 300 – 1,200 liters, isolation/drying with Hastelloy Nutsch and stainless-steel filters
  • Production plant with a total reactor capacity of approximately 100 m³
  • 9 multi-purpose lines with reactor sizes between 2.5m³ and 12 m³ (stainless steel, glass-lined and Hastelloy)
  • Nutsch filter, filter dryer, inverted filter centrifuge, 2 Hastelloy centrifuges
  • Paddle dryer, cone dryer and tray dryer
  • Distillations: short path, thin film evaporator and fractionation
  • Analytical laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, e.g., HPLC, GC, GC/MS, UV-VIS, IR, polarimeter, viscometer and DSC