Employee discussion of Minascent's corporate goals

Mission statement

“At Minascent, we believe in the power of innovation and want our products to create future spaces: for our customers, employees and affiliated companies, society and the environment.”

The health and safety of people and the environment always come first. We understand that the best quality can only be achieved with team spirit, commitment and respect.

Our Vision

With our outstanding technologies, we aim to become a leading European supplier of fine chemicals.

Our Mission

We aim to drive our business development by tapping into value-creation niches in various end markets, always putting the needs of our target groups at the heart of our business strategy.

Corporate Values

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We cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect between all Minafin employees, customers, and partner companies. We value the opinions of others and promote diversity in our company to create a safe and supportive environment.
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We act according to ethical and moral principles that we firmly believe in. The guidelines for responsible behaviour towards each other, partners and the Minafin Group are set out in the Code of Ethics for all employees.
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We take responsibility for our actions and behavior as individuals and as a team.
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We encourage cross-departmental collaboration at all levels and hierarchies to meet the needs of our employees, customers and stakeholders. Only as a team can we be strong and successful.
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We work persistently and systematically to achieve sustainable success. With our goals in sight, we overcome every challenge together.
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Despite constant change, we are adaptable, willing to take risks, results-oriented, and always put the needs of our target group first. We encourage new ideas and creative approaches and turn them into innovations.

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